Blindness In King Lear Thesis

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When Cordelia does speak again, she does not go any further than saying that it is her duty to honor and love Lear. The letter is addressed to Edmund plotting Gloucester’s death.Edmund’s goal is to take Edgar’s place of being next in line to his father, for the duke’s throne.It is questionable where or not Lear is insecure, as he requires love to be handed to him easily on a platter. I love Your Majesty According to my bond, no more nor less. When compared to Goneril and Regan’s overly exaggerated speeches, Cordelia shines out among them as the most innocent daughter from the audience’s prospective. Similar to Lear, Gloucester is blind to his son’s intentions.

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Gloucester is easily persuaded and cannot openly doubt Edmund’s loyalty, even though he has no evidence of why Edgar would want to do such a thing.

“Well then, Legitimate Edgar, I must have you land. 15-21) This illustrates to the audience how much Gloucester relies on others judgment to make up his own mind.

This blindness is a tragic flaw, that in which, if one is not quick to realize it, it can have deadly and long term effects as developed through William Shakespeare’s King Lear.

According to Shakespeare, blindness is not simply a physical issue, but rather an intellectual issue.

They both undergo a very similar plot and suffer from their false decisions, the ones they feel very remorseful of later on....

[tags: Literary Analysis, Shakespeare] - Rough Draft 1: King Lear Lack of insight or blindness to one’s surroundings can be an indicator of failure in one’s proper metacognition.

The result of both Lear and Gloucester’s actions led to their deaths and possibly others in the end of the play.

The Wheel of Fire has completely turned and good is restored in the end.

Goneril uses wit, deceit and Lear naivety to create such an indulgent speech of which no father could disapprove: “I love you more than word can wield the matter; Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty, Beyond what can be valued, rich or rare, No less than life, with grace, health, beauty, honor;… It is not until we hear all three daughters’ speeches that the audience fully understands Lear’s metaphorical blindness. Cordelia’s speech challenges Lear and portrays him as being less powerful than was implied earlier in the play.

Lear misinterprets their words, thinking that Goneril and Regan both love him dearly and Cordelia does not. It is strange the way Shakespeare makes the audience aware of Cordelia’s knowledge of Lear’s blindness, yet she never says anything to Lear about it.


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