Blocking Assignment Verilog

Since, the value of ‘z’ is equal to ‘x’, therefore line 11 will be equivalent to ‘z = x y’; due to this reason, the design is generated as ‘and’ gate with inputs ‘x’ and ‘y’ as shown in In non-blocking assignment, updated values inside the block are not used for assignment.} In line 10, value of input port ‘x’ is assigned to the ‘z’.Since updated value inside the block are not used in non-blocking assignment, therefore in line 11, ‘z = z & y;’, the old value of ‘z’ will be used for assignments (instead of z=x); hence a feedback path is used in .

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Evaluate the RHS and update the LHS of the blocking assignment without interruption from any other Verilog statement.

A blocking assignment "blocks" trailing assignments in the same always block from occurring until after the current assignment has been completed Nonblocking assignment " agreed with research_vlsi.

For example, the following implements a D-type flip-flop with set and reset: module dff_tb; reg c = 0, d = 1, r = 0, s = 0; wire q, qb; dff FF1 (q, qb, c, d, r, s); initial begin #1 force FF1.q = 0; #1 release FF1.q; #1 c = 1; #1 $strobe(q ?

, a 2-bit comparator is designed using ‘procedural assignments’.

In this case, the expression on the right hand side is evaluated and the value is held for 10 units of time.

During this time, the execution of the code is blocked in the middle of the assignment statement.Blocking assignment statements execute in series order.Blocking assignment blocks the execution of the next statement until the completion of the current assignment execution.You can use the nonblocking procedural statement whenever you want to make several register assignments within the same time step without regard to order or dependence upon each other.It means that nonblocking statements resemble actual hardware more than blocking assignments.The best way of designing is to make small units using ‘continuous assignment statements’ and ‘procedural assignment statements’, and then use the structural modeling style to create the large system.In line 10, value of input port ‘x’ is assigned to output ‘z’.The assignment is deferred until the next blocking statement is encountered.In the example below, on the positive edge of clk the right-hand side of the first nonblocking assignment is evaluated and the value cached without changing a.The value is continuously driven onto its target and that value takes priority over values assigned in procedural assignments.Once a value is assigned with an releases the continuous assignment, meaning that the value of the register can once again be changed with procedural assignments.


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