Bob Marley Essay

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In late 1976, Marley and some of his friends were fired upon by gunmen who were alleged hired political assassins.

Many critics feel that on his 1977 album, Exodus, which was in some respects a celebration of life, Marley was backing down from asserting his political views because of fear for his life.

This religion infused his music with a sense of spirituality.

The was a key element in the development of reggae.

Marley used his music to carry Jah's message to the blacks of the world.

He infused his lyrics with images of black oppression and with a call, not to arms, but to righteousness.

Rastafarians oppose authority, believing it to be the source of all the world's problems.

Their dread-locks, long, matted braids, are worn in defiance of values forced upon them through British rule.

With Catch a Fire in 1973 Marley broke into the international market.

It was not until 1976 and Rastaman Vibration that he became well-known in the United States.


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