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So grab some popcorn, take a seat, and get ready for some pain …

here are our top examples of the worst movie posters of all time.

This poster has two hidden faces—the lead actor’s, which is hidden by the edge of the canvas and the one made out of butterflies and floating eyes.

There’s not enough for the audience to latch onto and yet, simultaneously, there’s so much sensory overload and overall strangeness that it causes the viewer to feel a bit anxious.

In this age of rampant movie spoilers, it can be a nice change of pace when the marketing for a movie withholds some of the details so that you can enjoy discovering them for yourself.

But that’s not the case when it comes to this poster for the movie .In .” But to the audience, it comes off as “we couldn’t come up with anything original, so here’s a watered down version of something you already like.” When the audience catches you copying someone else’s aesthetic, it creates feelings of distrust.It indicates that you’re so unsure of the brand, you need to piggyback on the success of another brand in order to sell it.There are better ways to grab the audience’s attention than using the brightest yellow you can find for your background.When you’ve got Hollywood movie stars looking like the cheesiest stock photo models that Shutterstock has to offer, there are serious flaws in your design.was a prequel movie featuring James Mc Avoy playing a younger Professor X, a role originated by Patrick Stewart.To tie these two versions of the character together, the studio released this teaser poster where James Mc Avoy’s head is literally just floating there in the silhouette of Patrick Stewart’s body.And when your eyes can’t take any more, check out our round up of best movie posters of all time.Jon Hamm is a talented actor, but you’d never be able to tell it from this overly posed movie poster for .We’re sorry if you went temporarily blind after looking at this poster for —and we’re even sorrier to remind you that this movie existed in the first place. It’s like the movie poster equivalent of a used car dealership – the big cheesy grin, the Mc Donald’s-on-acid yellow and red color scheme – it does everything it can to try and get your attention.We get that the creator of this poster wanted to show how zany and campy the movie was by using a bright, attention-grabbing design. But the worst offense is that weird, tacked-on “Romano” at the end.


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