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Eric confronts her and asks who let her leave and she states that she chose to leave the medical ward, which Eric accepts and allows her to stay.Peter exhibits a threatening and more active role as an antagonist during initiation; he is vicious, cruel, and "willing to kill, maim, and destroy to get to the top".

Later she feeds lies to an Erudite reporter as revenge for ranking lower than Tris.

During capture the flag the initiates use paintballs to shoot each other.

He then pushes Christina off the walkway and tells her that she has three options: hang on and her act of cowardice will be forgotten, let go and die, or give up.

Tris is assaulted by Drew, Peter Hayes, and Al, the plan masterminded by Peter due to his jealousy of her rank; she is blindfolded and carried to the chasm.

Tris falls behind but manages to jump on to the train without any help where she lands next to Christina.

When it comes time to jump, Christina and Tris jump at the same time instead of holding hands.

The boys attempt to push her off the ledge near the chasm while she struggles to fight back. Because Tris lost her second fight during the first stage of initiation, she wakes up in the medical area and is informed by Will and Christina that Eric decided to cut her.

They leave her to recover and Tris sneaks out of the ward and boards the train with Four's help.

In Tris Prior's aptitude test, a female voice tells her that she had to choose between a knife or cheese. After she tackles the dog, she enters a bus, where a man asks her if she knows someone.

Eric acts kind to Christina at first, helping her up, tells everyone to take a break, and asks how she's feeling as he leads the group to the chasm.


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