Boston Massacre Essay Outline

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While this is the eventual occurrence, there is substantial background that led up to these events.

For a number of years surrounding the Massacre the British government had increasingly taxed the colonies causing large amounts of strife within the colonial residents.

He began to instruct the colonies that they needed to cease resistance operations to the British laws.

As the colonists continued their resistance to the Townshend Acts, the British government responded by sending military enforcement to the colonies to ensure they followed the new regulations.

These riots resulted in increasing tensions between British and colonials, with the British sending soldiers to Boston.

The actual incident of the Boston Massacre occurred in the commotion of these swirling tensions.On June 10th the British troops acquisitioned the colonial ship Liberty because, they claimed, the ship had been involved in smuggling actions.This prompted great outrage from the colonists and riots among the local sailors began to occur.During that time the army looted, burned and plundered surrounding towns as well as the city itself.Over 300 000 civilians and unarmed soldiers were slaughtered, tortured, and raped.During that period the opposition between Japanese and Chinese reached its top point.The entrance of Japanese in Nanjing was first considered as a major victory of Japan, at least as the specific event was presented by the media of that period.This tactic was put in place to further solidify colonial compliance with British taxes and to better gain control of trade regulations within the colonial empire.As one might imagine, such a tactic was met with great resistance in the colonies. You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends! Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.


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