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As an entrepreneur, you probably rely on word-of-mouth references for business development.

This can be face-to-face or via the Internet (communities, social networks, blogs, online press etc.).

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After few years of experience you can choose a niche or a target group you would like to focus in coaching.

And this is the moment when you need to start building your brand as coach and as coaching business.For every market segment, there is a set of influencers who are important to your credibility and recognition as a leader.Determine who the influencers are in the coaching industry and make sure they could help you with an introduction or endorsement.From another perspective using branding and marketing skills into coaching is about promoting yourself and your coaching business.Coaching, just like other business, needs to be branded and promoted.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. But quantifying the bottom-line impact of brand can be tricky, and figuring out how best to exploit your brand strengths even more challenging.Then, lay out the reasons why clients should choose you.The best way to talk about your evidence is to demonstrate it in a story.At TRC we help companies translate the abstract notion of brand equity into practical insights, and apply discrete-choice techniques to answer management's pressing brand questions.From comprehensive brand tracking programs to initiatives to quantify your brand equity in real dollar terms, TRC can be of help.


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