Bubonic Plague Essay Conclusion

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The value of this source is absolutely spectacular. The technological development initiated by the disease benefited the society and economy of Europe as it was able to provide practical applications to fulfil the demands and needs of the people. As the demand for books was growing, the invention of the Johann Gutenberg printing press allowed for books to be more accessible to the general public, enabling the common person to receive information and news of the world around them. The book did not offer many eyewitness accounts to give it more credibility. Byrne’s purpose for writing this book was the educate students, colleagues, and the public as much as possible on the topic regarding the Black Death. The book was written by a single author, which presents some degree of bias found in the information delivered. The book thoroughly describes the medical and economic aspects of the Black Plague, and how it brought changes to the structure and society of medieval Europe that provided numerous of benefits for its people. The period of investigation will range from the beginning of the plague in 1346 to the fifteenth century, where the long term effects of the plague will be analysed.To get the information necessary for this investigation, a variety of sources will be consulted, including books, academic websites, and online resources including news articles and scholarly journals.Technological Benefits of the Black Plague The Black Plague created a labour-scarce environment in Europe, which spurred the development of labour-saving technology as people began looking for new ways of accomplishing work to meet the growing demands of Europe’s booming economy. "The Political and Social Consequences of the Black Death." (accessed November 13, 2012).One of the greatest inventions following the Black Plague was Johann Gutenberg’s printing press, which came to replace the large number of monastic copyists who perished in the plague and allowed for books to be massed produced at an affordable price for a growing class or merchants, professionals, and craftsmen. "Children during the Black Death." Children & Youth in History. The disease of the plague led to revolutionizing medical advances, ideas, and practices that allowed for the people of Europe to control and prevent subsequent diseases with a more scientific approach. There was a greater emphasis on practical physical sciences and clinically orientated medicine, reflected by the growing influence of surgeons, as prayer and traditional medicine failed to provide a cure to the disease.


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