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If you’re serious about starting an online business – or even if you already run one – you can almost definitely benefit from a business plan.These handy roadmaps don’t just teach you how to budget or prepare for what’s in store for your business; they can also shape the very language you use when you tell others about your business.Even if you think you have a good understanding of your business at the outset, it’s still a good practice to write this last; it will likely feel more organized and pull in more information once you have the rest of your business plan nailed down.

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Your marketing strategy will discuss the following: Ah, the dreaded Financial Plan.

For many people, this is the most difficult part of the business plan, and frankly, the least fun. In fact, if you don’t want to write a business plan at all, you’ll still need to do this part.

Here’s How an Ecommerce Business Plan Works: For the most part, a business plan for your online store will look quite similar to the business plans you’d see for a brick-and-mortar shop, a restaurant or even a large company.

The level of detail you provide for each main point may vary, and that’s just fine; for some people, business plans are 100-page books that cover every possible detail or circumstance, and for others, ten pages is enough to get the creative juices flowing and to establish a basic rubric or guide to follow.

Then go into a bit more detail with the following information: The Marketing Strategy is a crucial part of your ecommerce business plan; brick-and-mortars can rely, to an extent, on foot traffic, but you have no such luxury.

Instead, you’ll be thinking about web traffic, which takes time, dedication and know-how to acquire.However, here are a few great reasons to create one, if you need extra convincing: You’re Just Starting Out: A business plan will help you set clear goals and create an action plan to achieve them (including what resources you will need to succeed).You’re Seeking Outside Funding: A business plan is a standard way to show potential investors why it’s worth betting on your business.At their core, ecommerce business plans compel you to think critically about every major component of your online store.You may discover that you need to rethink or revise some of your strategies prior to launching your store – or you may realize that you are on track!As you move through our suggested outline, remember that unless otherwise specified, you can start with any section you like.While it does make sense to move linearly, if you’re most passionate about the marketing part of your business or you’re an accounting whiz and you want to start with what you know best, go for it!If you don’t yet have one, here is where you can learn everything you need to know to lay down a strong foundation for your online store.Here's an example of a business plan we made up for an ecommerce store: read on to learn how to develop yours!Your company description may include: Now it’s time for the fun part: Describe what you’re actually selling!Start with a high-level look at the products you currently sell along with products you plan on selling in the future, focusing on their specifications and benefits.


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