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The site will have high passing foot traffic drawing from a mix of office workers & local residents.The lease will be a minimum of 3 years with two further 3 year options (3 3 3)”.Businesses that have been around a while are good at something, find out what it is. Describe your target customers in a specific way, including why they are visiting you. Spell out the details, include a sample menu – you know who you’re targetting, so tell me what you’re offering that will appeal to them: “gluten-free”, “online ordering”, “no-limit EFTPOS”, “take-away window”, “single-origin drinking chocolate”, “free newspapers”.

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Google images / Pinterest / Blogs are all easy ways to find them.

Combine these with a short summary of how you would describe the finished result.

The next step is to describe the business concept and how your business will meet a need within the local market place.

Be sure to include in your coffee shop description how your business will fill an untapped niche in the local market.

In this concept section, your description can be in general terms.

Paint a picture of the shop and include a sense of the atmosphere customers will encounter.

I couldn’t possibly hope to cover all of this here – so I’m not going to.

Except to say that you will need to include a budget of setup costs (and where the money is coming from) and a projected profit & loss report for the first 3 years.

Have a proposition, tell me what you stand for: “locally sourced”, “made from scratch daily”, “lightning-fast service” Remember, you can’t be everything, so choose where you’re going to be awesome.

This will be different depending on what you’re hoping to create, this example is based on one that I used: “We are seeking a 50-100m2 retail lease with street frontage in the downtown area.


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