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Entrepreneurs who sell food, manufacture consumer goods, rent hotel rooms or run practically any other type of business can follow the lead of Mc Donald's and use commercial real estate ownership as a pathway to build their wealth and secure a better retirement.

This article outlines multiple strategies on how small business owners can grow their wealth with real estate and even become mini land barons.

As anyone that's watched "The Founder" knows, Mc Donald’s isn’t just a fast-food chain but also a brilliant $30 billion real-estate company.

Part of its long-term success comes from a simple formula that goes beyond serving consistent products across thousands of restaurants around the world.

A big part of its profitability comes from the fact that it owns the land and buildings at most of its locations and its franchisees pay Mc Donald’s rent.

One of the most recognizable brands on the planet makes a lot of money by owning commercial real estate.

I can offer no guarantees, but many small business owners who buy their buildings end up with an enviable gain when the time comes to sell.

Commercial real estate ownership is a sound and proven wealth creation strategy.

The answer is owning real estate for our business – a strategy which can save a business money and help the owner generate wealth.

We can all look to the real estate wisdom of the “golden arches” to help fund our golden years.


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