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This will give you a starting point for success from which to pivot in your Strategic Planning Session. Most companies will find that in these Debrief discussions they will spend about 20% of the time talking about successes and 80% of the time discussing missteps that occurred over the year.Though these conversations regarding past mistakes can be uncomfortable, they are invaluable for helping to create the case for change.

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Last, the frontline warriors are closest to the action (and the problems) so they will provide tactical insights that no one else has access to. Behavioral scientists would say that the ideal group size is 5-9 people.

Less than five people and we become capacity constrained, more than nine and the extroverts dominate the conversation and people fight for air time.

The planning session should be conducted with all attendees .

I know – that’s a lot of time to have your key personnel out of the field.

We recommend disseminating the planning process and agenda to the planning team ahead of time so that they can conceptualize the planning exercise that they are about to undertake.

At a minimum, have a plan to define strategic objectives, create a path to achieve those objectives, and identify clear roles and responsibilities to implement that plan. Most of the strategic objectives will be created as a group in the planning session.However, nine people is generally far too few to ensure inclusion of all the key stakeholders and three echelons of rank. Entire books have been written on how to conduct small facets of strategic planning.If this is the case, bring more than nine people – but be prepared to actively facilitate the dialogue to keep the group focused, on track and inclusive of all opinions on the team. There are countless methods to build your strategic plans. There is no right answer, but there is definitely a wrong one – “winging it”.If you’re putting off your strategic planning session until closer to the New Year, then I would offer you a word of caution.When done properly strategic planning creates alignment, buy-in and a clear plan of action for success.Two days is not a lot of time to accomplish these minimum standards, so ensure that you have a clear agenda that has been socialized ahead of time to mitigate any wasted time in session. However, the leaders need to align first on the high-level constraints for success.In preparation for a recent strategic planning session that I facilitated, I conducted several calls with the organizational leadership to “define the constraints”. At the same time, leaders from corporations around the globe are converging in conference rooms and off-site hotel meeting rooms to plan their 2017 objectives and map out their strategies to achieve them. We’ve got annual budgetary closeouts, a mad dash to achieve this year’s goals, and everyone’s gearing up for the holidays.We need their active participation in the planning session to ensure that we gain both their critical insights and buy-in to the plan. Would it be helpful to bring a customer to the planning session?Get creative as you identify your key stakeholders. The biggest mistake you could make here is not identifying a key stakeholder and then miss out on her buy-in and insights during the planning process.


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