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One of the most important difference is the tax legislation as per the table below: Many new businesses fail due to administrative chaos.From day one, record your transactions in some written form, whether it be an old-fashioned black ledger or a cloud-based accounting package.We write Business Plans that raise capital for new and growing ventures.

Using Google Docs or Excel are probably the most convenient ways of keeping track of your income and expenses, since both are quite accessible on the web or pre-installed onto laptops and tablets.

The transaction sheet can easily be converted to an Income Statement and Balance Sheet using a Macro.

Many new business owners don't understand the difference between the two and end up with cash flow problems.

Your net profit is the difference between your income and expenses for a period usually measured in a calendar month.

Smaller Accounting firms are more affordable, but could offer restrictive services.

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Whatever your choice, it's a good idea to meet with your prospective Accountant(s) in person before appointing them.Remember that he or she can be a invaluable asset to your business.​Specific attention should be given to four key areas: the business itself, the management of the business (the entrepreneurs involved), the market in which the business operates, the financial management, and planning – the risks and rewards associated with the total investment in the business.If you need funding to start or grow your venture then you have come to the right place.You only get one opportunity to impress an investor.Outsourcing your accounting functions has numerous benefits, depending on the level of expertise required.The large Auditing firms offer a range of excellent services, but their fees could be quite prohibitive to a small enterprise.Compile an Income Statement showing your budgeted income for the next year less expected costs for running the business.Add a budgeted Balance Sheet showing the net profit or loss from your Income Statement plus any expenditure on Capital, such as furniture and equipment, and balance this amount out with the amount of money you need to invest in the business.However, the balance in your bank account may differ from this figure for many reasons including the most common ones: Most start-up companies have restricted cash flows or tight budgets which prevents them from employing a full time Accountant.Fortunately, the solution to this problem is simple due to the vast number of independent Accounting firms offering specialist financial services.


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