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This may be the most obvious of MBA essay tips, but the temptation to do it occasionally proves too great for some. Remember, the admissions board wants to get to know the real you, your sense of yourself, your resilience and your capacity for change.Impersonal, vague, one-size-fits-all essays are easy to ignore. An MBA essay that meanders through your younger years is just as likely to lose your audience as a bland essay.

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Your resume should reflect the breadth of your experience, your personal statement should reflect the depth of your experience.

Focus on current, professional successes (and setbacks) that shaped your worldview and brought you to the decision to go to business school.

You can be sure that if you are dwelling on something negative, there are plenty of essayists out there who are selling themselves on all positive messaging. If you can avoid these five common essay missteps, you will definitely have a leg up on the majority of your competition in the MBA application process.

With all these rules to help you get ahead, you’ll be swinging for sure.

The goal was to maneuver a pith-helmeted explorer through a maze-like jungle, all the while avoiding being eaten by alligators or falling into ravines.

I think you see where I’m going with this metaphor: Your MBA essay – your personal statement - is our intrepid explorer, and it’s your job to make sure he doesn’t fall off the vine because you made an easily avoidable error.

This is no good; the reader can just smell that they are getting leftovers. It’s true that the admissions committee is looking for a unique essay that cuts through the drudgery of the many cookie cutter (and often poorly written) pieces.

However, this does not give you license to write anything you want.

A key part of the MBA application process is actually following directions.

That means read the topic question and make sure you touch on all the points they refer to in the prompt. And while it’s great to have some humor, never make fun of the question.


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