C Assignment Operator

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An operator's precedence is unaffected by overloading.

The syntax of expressions in C and C is specified by a phrase structure grammar.

Also, the C Standard Library requires this behavior for some user-supplied types.

This is a list of operators in the C and C programming languages. The formatting of these operators means that their precedence level is unimportant.

However, the operator is usually defined to return a reference to the assignee.

This is consistent with the behavior of assignment operator for built-in types (returning the assigned value) and allows for using the operator invocation as an expression, for instance in control statements or in chained assignment.

Operators are listed top to bottom, in descending precedence.

Descending precedence refers to the priority of the grouping of operators and operands.

Finally we are printing the new value stored in variable x.

Like most other operators in C , it can be overloaded.


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