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I want people to succeed, whatever that looks like for them.Lately I’ve focused on helping people overcome obstacles to earning their doctoral degrees.

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I finally realized why I get so much joy from seeing people I went to school with many years ago. All of my writing projects have in some form or another emerged from a desire to be heard, to be seen, to be recognized, to be acknowledged. I want to tell my stories, and I hope a few others would be willing to listen, the way I hope to hear their stories. I’ve come to believe it is more important to seek to build bridges to others than to demand they build bridges to me. These nontraditional dissertators are unique: They often don’t receive adequate attention and support from mentors and peers.

If I had to choose only one (and if I could consciously choose), I would choose to understand rather than to be understood. I will keep writing because that is who I am, that’s what writers do. My intention with this series is to fill in the gaps so these isolated online learners can overcome obstacles and earn their degrees.

Teachers in the general education department were more or less interchangeable. The only thing I wasn’t qualified to teach was English, because my degree was in Business Administration.

However, from term to term, I never knew if I would be assigned to teach something I’d never heard of—for instance, once I taught one student a medical office software program (I’ve never worked in a medical office).

I never intended to become a seamstress, but when that was my job, I did my best.

You can read about some of my adventures as a seamstress here. Finally, I confess, some of my urge to write comes from a desire to be understood. Comment on the Love Your Dissertation Facebook page.

You will learn that theory is nothing to fear—in fact, we all use theory all the time!

With the help of this powerful little book, you will learn to master theory and achieve your dream of earning your Ph. Print version USD.99 Kindle version USD.99 Resubmit!

Some years before the career college, I operated a clothing design business, making gowns for brides, dresses for bridesmaids, outfits for excited hopeful women going to a prom, going on a cruise, going to Monaco, going to the Oscars. At least, their silk velvet, crepe de chine, and turquoise chamois leather dreams.

I had the skill of clothing design and garment construction.


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