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Something not to linger over, but simply to get out of the way and then get on with life.

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The frame is that of repeated pile/shovel phrases and placement in each line.

Moreover, Sandburg’s theme is that grass is ultimately more powerful than battles and it is revealed in a rather astonishing way.

The repetition has an additional effect: Sandburg has written in free verse with no rhyme scheme.

And yet, just looking at the poem on the page, one can visualize that there is some of frame which keeps it all together.

Summary: In his poem "Grass," Carl Sandburg emphasizes the need to remember the people who have died in war for the cause of freedom and chastizes those who go about their daily lives taking their freedom for granted.

The straightforward statements in the poem portray the author's disappointment of those who would forget, and Sandburg implores the reader to remember those lives lost in conflict.

In Carl Sandburg's poem, "Grass", the message of "Remembering the people that died for freedom" is distinctly portrayed.

This poem is about people fighting and dying in wars for their independence and about the poet's desire to keep these important events remembered for generations to come.

When one initially glances at the poem, they are led to believe that they will simply be reading a poem about, as the title indicates, Grass.

front the reader thinks they are about to settle in to a poem about Grass (which they are) only to encounter the opening words “Pile the bodies high”.


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