Case Study On Cross Cultural Communication Problems

Case Study On Cross Cultural Communication Problems-84
Just over the past few months I've flown to Germany a few times to lead workshops in a very appealing German company that acquired an…

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In the case mentioned above, the American manager could have repeated the offending phrase, explained it and requested a clarification: “When you say ‘don’t care,’ do you really mean that they have no interest in this subject?

” That could save a lot of disappointment and anger.

English is THE language to speak when we talk across cultures.

In Israel, English entered the workplace along with the global hi-tech boom.

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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Be thoughtful in your manner and try to express yourself as accurately as possible.This is especially important when dealing with older people.Both sides appear to be speaking English but each is using it in a context relative to their own culture. Remember: When communication breaks down in this manner, and you feel offended or baffled by what your colleague from the other culture just said, please try to check if you misinterpreted the meaning.Ask questions to make sure you understand one another.An American manager, although usually polite, couldn’t restrain himself when he heard that statement. The Israeli manager’s intention got lost in translation since English is his second language.What he meant by ‘don’t care’ was that it wouldn’t make a big difference, didn’t matter, didn’t bother them – the correct English phrase would be ‘don’t mind.’ (The two terms seem so close to the Israeli ear and mind… almost a synonym.) Due to lack of knowledge or not understanding the nuances of a language, many Israelis often make usage mistakes.Following is an example of a dialogue that failed due to the language barrier.This took place in a company I work with that has branches in both Tel Aviv and Boston: Some senior American and Israeli managers were on a conference call.Careful dialogue forces all participants to truly listen and strive to understand what their conversational partner is trying to get across.Sure, this be challenging but patience will bear good results in time.


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