Case Study Questions And Answers In Business Studies

Case Study Questions And Answers In Business Studies-31
This will win you brownie points from markers as it gives you an opportunity to really highlight your research for case studies and your super comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the syllabus.So, what happens if you look the Section IV question and none of the business case studies you’ve prepared match the question. Well, the Syllabus notes that you are to be able to: Hypothetical. A word of caution though, when (and if) you choose this option, try to make the case study developed and realistic.Aldi uses a just-in- time (JIT) approach to store management by only holding the stock that it needs which fosters competitive advantage as wastage of valuable stock is reduced.

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So, now that you’ve understood the key aspects of the Case Study component of HSC Business Studies, it’s time to start!

To get you started, here’s a step-by-step process: Source information on the key facts of the business such as its products, location/spread, ownership (sole trader, partnerships, public or privately owned) etc.

One of the most common questions is which businesses you should base your case studies on.

However, it’s essential to understand and remember that the marker isn’t concerned about what business you use for the case study.

Half have written Delegation and half have written Decentralisation.

Majority of the teachers say it is DELEGATION but many points in the case study point towards the possibility of it being Decentralisation.

Effectively using case studies means having a good understanding of how the business relates to different components of the syllabus.

Furthermore, top students only use case study examples that are relevant for the question.

From experience, structuring your report so that the theory is followed by the case examples can be useful at the beginning.

Once you are comfortable with this method, try to fuse the two together; theory with examples in the one paragraph.


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