Cathedral Robert Carver Essay

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A further implication from the narrator’s tone is that the story is about relating the incidents from a particular time, without influencing the reader’s feelings concerning the incidents.However, the reader can detect some sincerity in the narrator’s tone.

The narrator does not attempt to hide the desperate situation he is in, nor does he attempt to deceive the reader into thinking that he is highly optimistic about recovering from what befalls him.

Thirdly, Carver’s story has a simple conclusion that leaves the reader highly intrigued.

Furthermore, the narrator in Carver’s story uses a conspiratorial tone to present his thoughts and experiences.

To the reader, the story appears as if the narrator merely talks to the reader, not to pass any vital message, but rather to keep the reader amused.

The main character is the story is the narrator who goes through tremendous inner change when he meet Robert, a blind man who happens to be a close acquaintance of his wife's.

Cathedral Robert Carver Essay

Narrator, who is called Bub, appears to be a bitter rather hostile character in the beginning that is highly judgmental of the blind man.

The story’s most important theme is to savor the beauty of the moment.

In addition to this, other elements in Carver’s story are perfect, such as the plot, setting, and the narrator’s point of view.

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