Causes Civil War Essay

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The Causes/origins of the Civil War Until the 1840s, the tensions between North and South remained relatively contained.

The issue that started the tensions between the North and South, was the issue of the expanding of slavery.

And the slave Uncle Tom, a noble character in the novel, is sold repeatedly, eventually falling into the hands of Simon Legree, a notorious drunkard and sadist. In the north this book portrayed the harsh conditions of the slave life and was heavily influential in the shaping of their mindsets about slavery.

But in the South, as might be expected, it was bitterly denounced, and in some states it was actually illegal to possess a copy of the book.

This amendment passed in the house, but not in the senate.

This debate would be called up repeatedly for years.

This didnt work, and now tempers were now rising to dangerous levels.

The Civil War was long predicted before the war had actually began due to the immense collision between the Northern and the Southern states.

Events and actions such as the Composition of 1850, Harriet Beecher Stowe's Book Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Lack of Great Leaders, The Kansas and Nebraska Act, The Bleeding of Kansas, John Browns Raid, and the Election of 1860 foretold the future of America.

The Compromise of 1850 was a set of bills passed in Congress which tried to settle the issue of slavery, which was about to split the nation.


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