Censorship Is Bad Essay

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Censoring things as a whole can lead into more problems such as strikes, riots, or even war.

In The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, censorship is highly enforced there.

He feels that the censorship of books is causing people to become more inane and less intelligent, according to Beatty.

Books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, and novels are banned and thus creating a society that is not as bright.

And maybe if I talk long enough, it'll make sense." Freedom of speech affected Montag and his society.

Montag reveals the affect of censorship when it infringes with the freedom of speech.

This quote by Montag coincides why censorship does not play a beneficial role in society but rather does it create a problem in society.

Readers can tell that in the novel, no say can lead to harms way.

This freedom is given because of the first amendment in the US Constitution.

The readers have seen that censorship within the novel caused chaos and war.


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