Change And Continuity Over Time Essay Rubric

As a summative assessment, students answer the central question of the unit, drawing on the sources provided for evidence to support their answers.

Time Required: Three 50-minute class periods or two 90-minute block periods, plus homework; middle school teachers will likely want to shorten the lesson by omitting some of the sources to be analyzed by students.

Advanced Placement World History is a challenging survey course that emphasizes greater understanding of the development of global processes and contacts.

This course highlights the nature of changes in international frameworks, their causes and consequences, as well as comparisons among major societies.

updated 12/29/17 APWH EXAM ESSAY REVIEW RESOURCES This page is intended for to help you review the requirements for the APWH SAQ [Short Answer Question], DBQ and LEQ Exam Essays.

The new, streamlined essay rubrics are available by clicking HERE. Student from Abilene, Texas offers his recommendations for succeeding on the APWH Exam!

LEQ choice not only for which topic, but how you choose to develop an argument.

Be sure to think like a historian and develop one of these types of arguments.

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