Climate Change Arctic Essay

Climate Change Arctic Essay-88
The changes in the climate will increase global warming in these countries causing the sea level to rise all around the world.Here is how the climate has been changing in the Arctic.

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This evidence of this change includes a rise in temperatures which causes the melting of glaciers, sea ice, and permafrost.

The increase in melt water results in the rising of the sea level.

Glacial ice melt is chronic in the Arctic, with causality directed at steadily increasing global temperatures.

Historic meteorological observations in the North American Arctic display that the mean temperature rapidly rose a whopping ˜ 1°C from 1900 through 2000.

(EIA 2008) The majority of Arctic oil and gas reservoirs have already been discovered, with approximately 61 large oil and gas fields currently located by various geographic agencies.

Oil is a crucial resource for almost every nation on earth, as it used for the majority of energy production.(EIA 2008) Western nations especially rely on oil for lifestyle comforts, economic dominance, and global trade power relations.

These climatically induced changes are occurring in both the “North American” Arctic and “Eurasian” Arctic.

The Arctic circle is the global area above 66° N, with the “North American” Arctic comprised of the ocean and landmass between 0°E and -150° W and the “Eurasian” Arctic between 0° and °180 E.() Total land ice in the Arctic covers about 273,000 km2.

Modifying our behaviors to reverse the effects of global warming will be a challenge for the entire world, but it is essential that we do so.

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