Cloud Computing Security Thesis Proposal

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Cloud computing is an expression used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet.

Cloud computing offers numerous advantages both to end users and businesses of all sizes.

A fundamental step for the success of tapping health care into the cloud is the in-depth understanding and the effective enforcement of security and privacy in cloud computing [1].

Despite the potential gains achieved from the cloud computing of e-health services, the information security is still questionable and the security problem becomes more complicated under the cloud model [2].

This is especially important while outsourcing information computing services in a cloud to assure an appropriate level of information security.

Actually a specific framework for security management in cloud computing for health care does not exist.

One of the most important health care changes over the past couple of decades was the growing interest in health information privacy.

Security and protecting the privacy and security of health information are a continuous process [6].

Particularly the security of health information is a critical responsibility of every health care organization[7].

Given that from a security perspective necessary processes and measures need to be planned and implemented.


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