Cold Storage Business Plan

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Under such circumstances, cold storage becomes an integral aspect of the post-harvest management techniques.

The losses that can occur by not storing the produce under proper conditions can be avoided using a cold storage.

The present requirement for cold storage facility is around 61 million tonnes in India for both vegetables and fruits, but the availability of storage now in India is just around 26.85 million tonnes.

The non-availability of storage space has resulted in loss of productivity, which is increasing gradually.

As a testament to the complexity, 79% of cold storage capacity is outsourced by food producers, according to U. Another limiting factor for cold storage facilities is going to be finding space, especially in densely populated cities where online grocery demand is particularly high.

Builders will have to get creative to adapt new cold storage facilities to fit available real estate in the metro areas that need them.The availability of gluts helps in storing the harvest of edible products like mango, potato, tomato, the areas where there is a shortage of storage space.Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition also increased its cold storage, giving the retailer access to cold space within 10 miles of roughly 80% of the population due to the store locations being in or near major city centers.Kroger and Penske Logistics just announced the opening of a 606,000-square-foot food distribution facility comprised primarily of refrigerators and freezers, according to Crain's Detroit Business.Another important factor which contributes to loss of produce is not processing the perishable and highly perishable varieties in a proper way.There are other problems which also account for loss of produce such as high cost of cold storage, improper management, unequal distribution, standalone variety with outdated mechanisms and non-accessibility to farmers located in remote areas.If the loss occurring due to non-availability of storage (post-harvest management) is analyzed in a broad way, then it is clearly known that all the natural resources involved in the production cycle, such as crop, power, labor, land, water, time, fertilizers etc.are all wasted in the process and such wastage for a developing country like India cannot be tolerated.Initially the loss was 25%, but now it has reached 40% of the total production.This loss creates a big difference between the quantities produced and consumed.


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