College Admissions Process

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Chrissy was instrumental in navigating a process that seemed daunting at the outset.

She has a thorough knowledge of the specific university requirements that helped us narrow down our son’s list of schools…

NACAC’s Application Checklist and The Prep for College Calendar are also included in the guide.

“I can tell you the kind of school I’d really like,” my son told the college counselor, with an air of finality.

Before we part ways, I ask Ferguson to provide parents about to go through the college admissions process with one piece of advice.“I always say there is nothing more irritating to a person who is uptight and nervous than to tell them to just calm down,” he says.

“That’s infuriating when people do that, but it is the case.Topics include application calendar options, choosing a school, early action/early decision, letters of recommendation, and admissions criteria of public and private colleges and an invaluable resource for students as they search for and select a school that’s right for them.Your very first step to applying for one of our programs is to submit a contact form.After you submit the form, we will contact you to set up your initial appointment.Next Chapter College Counseling is committed to counseling students in the college admissions process so that they pursue their higher education at a college that embodies their interests, attitudes and abilities.We strive to teach, counsel and support clients through individualized attention, guidance, and research of finding a college that will foster their passions and lead them to fulfillment and success in their future careers.Please fill out the following form and click submit.Get in-depth information on options in postsecondary education.“GWU had reported that 78 percent of its latest freshmen were in the top 10 percent of their high school classes.The actual figure, however, was 58 percent.”I ask Ferguson what he thinks about these developments: It was clear that the various scandals that had come to light by the time my book was published were just the tip of iceberg. Again, it’s because of the competitive nature of it that people don’t want to acknowledge that this a huge, multi‑billion dollar industry. People are competing for a certain kind of commodity, which is what the applicants are.


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