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One can have a sustained period of stability and also find that things go off the rails without warning.Therefore, wherever one goes to school a “rapid- response support plan” involving family should always be in place.With a good track record of sustained stability, attending schools that are a few hours or even a few states away from home are reasonable options.

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The Desire to Leave the Diagnosis Behind The transition from high school to college is an exciting time. This is a time of intense striving towards autonomy and individuality.

For many, it’s their first extended time away from home; as well, the first big step towards adult identity where one is less defined as the child of Mr. It’s also a time of modifying existing identifications based on new attachments and group affiliations.

For purposes of this continued discussion, the generic phrase, “university counseling center,” will be referred to as if it were a full-service treatment setting.

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For any student the choice of where to go to college is crucial. At that time, I contributed the chapter "Going to College With Bipolar Disorder." IBPF is currently in the process of publishing a second edition of the on-line book.It should be available on their website in early 2017.However, the big disappointment here is that the same kind of new beginning doesn’t apply to bipolar disorder.While it is true that college students will gradually settle in to their new college student identity, it’s also true that students’ bipolar reality will accompany them into their college environment. A fresh start with bipolar disorder really means revisiting one’s approach to treatment and deciding what’s most appropriate for the next stage of development.These new beginnings also give rise to hope for new outcomes.It’s not uncommon that a graduating high school senior will want to leave his or her mid-adolescent difficulties behind while getting a fresh start in a new college environment. After all, college is one of the more striking “new beginnings” that most encounter in late adolescence.If the best choice–home or away–is unclear, there's no reason why one couldn't begin attending a community college and then transition to school away from home once stability has been demonstrated.Besides, transfer acceptance to a four-year school becomes easier when one has shown a year or two of strong performance at the community college level.At some universities counseling and mental health may actually be split into different service units.There may be a university Counseling Center and a separate unit such as Student Health, Mental Health Services where psychiatrically oriented treatment is provided.


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