Coming Up With A Thesis For A History Paper

Coming Up With A Thesis For A History Paper-24
Othello is Before jumping right to the question what your thesis should be, I would advise you to think about the broader topic you are writing about. When you read through the material, think about the reoccurring themes that tie it all together.Think about how you might summarize the material to someone who was unfamiliar with it. What cause and effect relationships would you say were important? Anything significant that you think they have overlooked?First of all, if no one can disagree with you, it's not a thesis, it's a fact. Then, follow the advice that you should always write (okay, or revise) your Intro paragraph last.

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Be relaxed and yourself; a paper will be best if you truly want to discuss the points. It depends on what kind of paper you are writing, but think of the point you want to make.

I occasionally like to work in reverse because I find that if I focus too much on developing the thesis, I get stuck.

You need to be familiar with the material because as many of my fellow tutors have mentioned, a thesis is your opinion or your perspective on a particular topic.

If you're not familiar with that topic, it's tough to come up with a thesis!

For example, do you have a lot of quotes of Othello being a jerk? (Written much more elegantly, of course.) Or maybe your information focuses more on Desdemona or Iago; take your opinion of them and ramp it up a few notches.

Don't write that "Iago is kind of mean", write that "Iago is pure evil" and then argue that more opinion.

Don't focus too hard on the exact wording of your thesis at first. Now, I'm assuming that that you're talking about a thesis for an argumentative essay (It would different for an expository essay, say).

You can always tweak it a bit after writing the essay. Here's the short and sweet: start extreme and then become more nuanced (subtle or detailed) later, after you've developed your paper more. Start with something extreme like that: good/bad; hate/love; redeeming/damning.

Start your search for the perfect thesis by listing as many potential topics as you can think of in about five minutes.

Then take a few minutes and consider each possible subject separately.


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