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If you’re a business owner and have never heard Simon Sinek talk about starting with “why”, it’s worth the 18 minutes. The best place to describe your ‘why’ is in the introduction letter at the beginning of your proposal.For a great example of an introduction letter, check out this cleaning services proposal template created by Proposify.As a B2B (business to business) salesperson, it’s easy to forget that even though you’re selling your services to other businesses, it’s a real human being deciding to hire you, and signing the cheque.

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As I eluded to earlier, so many companies refer to themselves as ‘the best.’ Hopefully, I don’t need to explain the problem with every business owner and their dog using that title.

As long as you know that ‘the best’ isn’t a great way to make yourself stand out, we can move on to more unique qualities you can highlight for prospective customers.

In other words, your efforts to impress a potential client can’t stop when you leave the walk-through.

The good news is that a cleaning services proposal is a great tool for driving home how your company is different from the competition — and it’s one many janitorial businesses don’t use to its full potential.

You know, like Betty White endorsing Snickers: But the janitorial industry is way too competitive for irrelevant testimonials to have an impact, and it doesn’t exactly lend itself to celebrity endorsements, either.

Your best bet is to have testimonials on hand from a variety of existing customers so that you can choose the ones that are from clients who are most like the business you’re selling to.

First, let’s get that “don’t” out of the way: Say what?! If you got as far as sending your potential new customer a cleaning services estimate, then they trust that you have the proper supplies and equipment and that your staff knows how to clean.

And believe it or not, the average person isn’t all that interested in commercial cleaning (strange, I know).

Most janitorial companies don't take advantage of the power of a well-designed, well-written proposal.

Keeping in mind these six steps can help you edge out the competition to win your next cleaning services contract.


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