Commercializing Education Essay

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This would slowly but steadily build towards companies trying to rope in as many customers (in this case students) as possible and hence off setting the disadvantage of not being inclusive of all the classes.

Hence, in essence, it can be said that while commercialization has its drawbacks, it does at times breathe life into the ailing education sector.

A person coming from a rich background obviously has a much better chance to do well in life than one from a poor background.

Also, since profit is the main motive, these education conglomerates only cater to the richer urban demographic, vastly neglecting the rural folk.

Education is considered of incredible importance in the modern world.

From well educated people like Barack Obama and Dr.

Higher institutions nowadays see imparting knowledge as a means for economics ends(returns).

Before further discussions, let’s take a glance at what “education” and “commercialization” is.

Education can only be deduced to be way too commercialized by considering the pons and cons of its commercialization.

Of course, education is way too much commercialized nowadays.


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