Communication Skills In The Workplace Essay

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Workplace communication is vital to an organization's ability to be productive and operate smoothly. It has also been discovered that employees who were graded as highest in production had received the most effective communication from their superiors.

For example, Gertrude works in engineering, and her prototypes of toys receive accolades.

Workplace communication is the transmitting of information between one person or group and another person or group in an organization.

It can include emails, text messages, voicemails, notes, etc. Research has shown that effective lateral and work group communication leads to an improvement in overall company performance.

Gertrude recently sent an email to her boss recommending that her department upgrade its design software.

Her upward communication feedback was not just acknowledged but also acted upon, resulting in a very happy design team. Workplace communication can also have a positive effect on absenteeism and turnover rates. Employees have to feel secure that they are receiving truthful and updated information from superiors.

This usually occurs due to employees who communicate freely with each other over workplace concerns.

Companies can avoid this issue if they are sensitive to worker complaints and issues. Workplace communication can lead to worker burn-out or information overload.

Her email inbox shows 400 messages waiting for her reply as well as a bunch of voicemails.

Gertrude sighs and realizes there is no escape from workplace communication.


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