Compare And Contrast Essay Athen And Sparta

They learned to use chariots in the battle and they drove the chariots directly to the enemy that were straight to them.

Because of their bronze weapons, armor and chariots, Mycenaeans were able to dominate the Aegean Sea and the islands in it. The Mycenaean Greeks were great fighters, yet they were facing many disasters since they were proud of themselves.

Mycenaeans learned how to build ships from Minoans who were left from the Crete. All cities were controlled by the Mycenaeans king and his army.

The Mycenaeans soon had colonies all around the Aegean Sea.

They did not learn how to read and write and they did not have any career in daily life, but to fight in the battle, which was the reason why they attacked other countries and took over.

As they thought that they were the strongest in terms of weapons and chariots in battle, the Mycenaean thought Barbarians were disgusting and never paid the attention on them, which was completely a wrong thought.

Ancient Greece is known as the birthplace of Western civilization.

Greeks made many significant contributions its heritage to the world.

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