Computerized Library System Thesis Introduction

Computerized Library System Thesis Introduction-44
Background of the Study A college strengthens its educational level through the advancement of its library.The Montessori Professional College Computerized Library System aimed to enhance the rocedures of the library, from manually operated to a computerized system.Several data records make up a data file, and several data files make up a database. Distributing or giving files, or a resource such as a file, folder or printer, that has been made sharable with other users on the network.

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The relationship between the library and computer is constantly changing that the use of computer contributes to the way man learns and communicates.

It easy in this world to strive for changes and since library is no different from any firm and institution, considering the use of computer to perform a given task will be efficient.

To design a system that will lessen the time and effort of the student in their transaction. To quickly search the book needed by the student of the library. Convenience is more visible for it is not time-consuming, resulting to a number of accomplished works. The computerized library system would improve the monitoring capacities of those who maintain the library.

It would be easier to determine whether a particular book is on-shelf or not. A computerized library system for a university keeps track of all books and periodicals in the library and their check-out status.

This proposal’s purpose was to ease the transactions in the library, i. , lending of books, storing of books, search engine for books, manage members of the library and secure the library system.

The librarian and the library users still use the manual way of transacting of borrowing and returning of books. They use library cards and card catalogues in searching for reading and reference materials. Significance of the Study The significance of this study was to help and give a benefit to the concerned group below.pic] The conceptual model of study is best illustrated on the paradigm of the input box; it deals on knowledge requirements, Users Needs, Existing Applications, Development Tools and Techniques, Technical Literature, Results of users survey, expert advice, software, requirements, hardware requirements.It deals on the perceptions towards the existing manual system and the proposed Computerized Library System as to accuracy, user friendliness, security and speed of data and information.In addition, they can easily identify when will the borrowed material be returned and if a borrower has failed to return the book on its due date. Checkout and return are automated through a bar code reader (an external device).Furthermore, the librarian would be much guided when it comes to recognizing new inventory books, letting them arrange it promptly and accordingly. The library system also interfaces with an external relational database which stores information about the library users (students, faculty, and staff), including whether they have any library items checked out. Factual information or information for computer processing, distinct pieces of information usually formatted in a special way.Data can exist in a variety of forms — as numbers or text on pieces of paper, as bits and by test stored in electronic memory, or as facts stored in a person’s mind. A set of data that has a regular structure and that is organized in such a way that a computer can easily find the desired information. This serves a local area (typically the area of a floor of a building, but in some cases spanning a distance of several kilometers). Data, details, documents, file, information, or reports.In the structure of a database, the part consisting of several uniquely named components called data fields.Forms are given to Librarian and they fill them of using pens.Afterwards, the school administrators process them manually and complied on large bulky file cabinet.Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Now, in our society all over the world technology is the most important advancement, a necessity in bringing about progress as we move along in this computerized world.These changes in effect make man’s life easier and more convenient.


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