Consequences For Plagiarism On College Essay

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Also, a student may be referred to the Disciplinary Officer for more server consequences like suspension or expulsion.

Tips For Avoiding Plagiarism In order to avoid Plagiarism a student must use proper citations.

Writing a well-researched and thought-out paper is the cornerstone of a successful education.

Understanding how to interpret other better educated, informed and more intellectual thinkers' ideas and explain them in one's own words is the most satisfying and clear example of a well-developed mind.

Students have tools for checking their own paper for Plagiarism violations too.

Plagiarism prevention tools like Turnitin and Safe Assign provide options for student submission papers. A student may cheat doing something as extreme as purchasing a paper, hiring someone to write a paper or turning in a paper freely provided by a friend.Many students unknowingly commit Plagiarism by failing to properly cite their sources crediting the authors.The University of Virginia's Honor Code, established in 1842, requires all students to pledge not to cheat or cover up for someone who does.Violations of the code incur immediate expulsion, and the discovery of a past violation can result in revocation of a diploma.According to a journal article by Sarah Estow, Eva Lawrence, and Kathrynn Adams, “Results suggest repeated hands-on exposure to the topic of plagiarism improves plagiarism avoidance and understanding.” (Estow, Lawrence and Adams 2012) Writing Style Standards and Plagiarism There are several popular writing styles standards including MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, CE, and Harvard.In order to avoid Plagiarism, each style standard has specific citation requirements that must be carefully implemented.It’s often understood as simply copying work without giving credit, but there’s more to it than that. Forms of expression and ideas are protected under copyright laws.Merriam-Webster defines plagiarism as the following: Plagiarism is such a serious act of fraud that it’s even outlined by the U. But, of course, ideas and thoughts can be adapted and innovated upon, so how do you know what is plagiarism versus inspiration? The Center for Academic Integrity found that “almost 80% of college students cheat at least once.” While some people have their friends write their essays for them or cheat on a test, others actually hire people to do their work for them, which is a form of plagiarism called contract cheating.Students can be shocked to be called out for plagiarizing based on only one sentence in a 1500 word essay.In fact, plagiarizing is grounds for expulsion at many schools, and if not expulsion it can be cause for a student to fail a class.


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