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The claim was made because the defendant did not see the plaintiff car coming and try to evade.The counter claim was made by the defendant for personal injury as the defendant injured his leg and his lower back from the collision with the woman’s car.The layout of the courtroom was simple there was no raised layers except from the judge’s.

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He tried to avoid her but having only seconds to react he did not manage to avoid her.

At that point the claimant’s barrister insisted that he passed illegally from the Pelican crossing few metres away from the incident. Also another important argument was that on the witness statement the defendant said that he broke his leg but afterwards the doctor said that he had also damaged his lower back.

The claimant said that she was parked at the end of the left side of the road and went to the shops near by.

Afterwards she went back to hers car and tried to get back on the road.

After the defendants examination his father in law came in for a witness statement as he was the co-driver at the time of the incident.

The judge and the plaintiff’s party tried to find out if the defendant and his father in law had ever again talked about the incident or just the evidence.As a have seen from my visit to the County Court one possible fact that may discourage the parties from claiming is the much questioning and cross-examination that they have to pass through.Cases in the County Court can be very comprehensible to lay persons.It houses the Manchester County Court and the Manchester District Registry of the High Court, as well as Manchester City Magistrates’ Family Courts, the District Probate Registry and the Regional and Area Offices of the Court Service.The second one was the Crown Court on Minsull Street in Manchester City Centre for criminal court observations.He answered negatively but he was a little bit confused.At the end of the trial the judge summarised all the evidence and facts from the beginning and gave his final judgement that the incident’s costs will be divided into fifty percent to each and the trial’s costs would be paid by the defendant.Before attending, each court was contacted in order to find out the times and cases that could be attended as some cases such as youth cases are not open to the public.Firstly I attended to the Manchester Civil Justice Centre. After some guidance from the people there I attended to court 20 of the fifth floor which there was a civil case about a car incident.But when she tried to go to the right side of the road she did not notice the defendant’s car on time, so as she could not avoid them as it was too late so the two cars crushed.After her short speech she crosses examined by the two advocates with several questions. He said that he was driving across the road and suddenly without any indication the claimant’s car came into his side of the road.


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