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What’s important here isn’t that I’m pointing to some amazing code I wrote, but simply that I’m establishing credibility.Really what I’m trying to say is: “Beyond front-end coding chops, I’m also passionate about writing and sharing what I’ve learned both with my teammates and the broader web community.

I say “Let’s talk” because that’s what I want: an interview. I make the call to action a brief summary of what I’ve laid out above, highlighting one aspect from each paragraph.

“” as a nod to my third paragraph about soft skills.

Yes, you can be really creative with your resume too.

But if they are giving you the opportunity to send a cover letter, why not take advantage of it?

Who is going to have the biggest impact on your team? I posted some articles on my blog that I had initially written for an internal best practices site, so the writing could be public.

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Who will have the biggest impact on the bottom line? And I decided to write a book (I haven’t actually written the book.

I really value the ability to not only perform web development work but also help others improve their craft, because I’ve gained so much from others sharing their skills and knowledge.

At Up&Up, I’ve led several different documentation initiatives for my current team, including our use of pattern libraries (, a CSS style guide (, and an internal best practices site.

Hello Team $ :), I’m a front-end developer based out of Greenville, SC, and I create fun, innovative, accessible, and fast websites.

I try to leave every bit I code I touch more readable, modular, performant and accessible than I found it.


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