Creative Ways To Write Words

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They can work in pairs or in small groups to encourage discussion.

Here you have few examples with the word — Literal meaning: She’s making little eyes at him/her; Actual meaning: She’s flirting with him/her After they’ve been introduced to some phrases like this and have discussed them amongst themselves, have them do a quick writing activity to promote retention.

In order to produce a good creative text—whether it’s a story, a poem or a dramatic scene—the language needs to be correct and precise.

This level of precision requires a good use of grammar and vocabulary, along with excellent discourse.

But once in a while, it’s valuable to shift right and focus on the creative uses of Spanish.

It’s important that we find balance between the logical and intuitive faculties and to teach our students that the language is something they can play with, something fun with which they can take risks and test its rules to the limit.

Regardless, it’s always good to come prepared with a more extensive list of metaphors, so that you’re armed with something new to teach them—even if they come up with 100 metaphors on their own.b.

Write Your Own Metaphors Here their task is to create new metaphors, no matter how crazy they may sound.

First, ask your students to come up with as many common metaphors or similes as they can think of, like (white teeth like pearls).

You can have several of them prepared in advance if their language level isn’t that advanced yet.


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