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I came from a background in song writing where this ‘borrowing’ from other people was really looked down, and for me, that was a really toxic environment for creativity.When I started writing poems, I realised that you could use fragments from others’ work without it being plagiarism, rather, it was like you were proud to show off what you’ve read.

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Focussing on both creative process and creative output across all forms of writing, this degree combines the core elements of writing technique with industry practice, critical thinking and collaborative learning.

Taught by a team of experienced writers, publishers, scholars and industry professionals, this course will prepare you for a wide range of careers and opportunities, from writing and editing, to story developing and world building, to teaching and researching …

However, when I write, I try to break that position to really surrender to these important and personal feelings of love, desire, anger — anything I feel at the time.

I want to use these images and events to show authentic emotions because after all the memes and irony, people need to feel to be mark from my nose on the lidof the coffee cup disappearingan egg & lettuce sandwichwalking someone else’s dog I meet you half way up the stairslike sleepwalkers we have to stopourselves from dreaming kissingbecause who can find the right wordson a Thursday?

, telling me that “it’s always nice to be included in a line-up full of local and international talent”.

Though he is enthusiastic at the prospect of reading in front of an audience, he still holds some necessary nervousness for the event.“…I’m a little nervous about it because I’m definitely not a slam or performance poet.They also work as screenwriters, story developers, interactive world builders and communication professionals.Our graduates also go on to teaching and researching, many of them undertaking postgraduate study.Amassing a range of different poets from various backgrounds, ages and career stages, NO WAVE has helped to promote the importance of community in the creative arts. “To encourage poets and expose them to an audience because they are naturally introverted and apprehensive about sharing their work with other people.Adelaide is an amazing place to be creative because everything here is accessible, but what we lack is the anxiety and adrenaline when you live in a bigger city and then there’s this feeling of being left behind.When you look at creative writing, this is taken into to extremes.Creative writing encourages writers to use appropriation and intertextuality of other works to make theirs stronger.Making these references to things that have become before your own work is actually a really important skill because it shows that you’ve been reading and listening intently…”When I ask who inspired him to pursue poetry, Symes has one answer.“My Ph D supervisor, Jill Jones.She [Jones] has been prolific in the Australian poetry scene for years and years.It would be interesting to see the English and Creative Writing Department have an input or give a platform for students to read their work in front of an audience outside of that academic context.Why isn’t there an Of his own creative journey, Symes is reflective.


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