Creative Writing Club Middle School

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Do you have a passion for creative writing that you want to take to the next level?

When school started last year, I got the crazy idea that the students at my daughter’s elementary school might like a forum in which to do creative writing.

Critiquing each other’s work is a great place to start, and something that was missing from my experience with writing/English classes in high school.

But this question isn’t about that — you want to know about some other stuff you could do.

I hoped to be able to do more sharing of their work with each other as I’ve done with middle school kids, but the club only meets for an hour a week and it’s right after school. The first week of the club, I handed out lined journals. Draw you setting and label places where key events take place. The young writers have discovered the lists to be great help to them when they go home to write.

This doesn’t seem to be an ideal time for the young writers to listen to each other too well. The kids were excited to receive the journals and our first assignment was to make a list of the things, people, and places they loved. It didn’t matter if the kids could write paragraphs or entire stories, everyone could make a list. (I handed out large white paper for this activity) 8. I implemented a “green ticket” system and each week, four young writers receive a “green ticket” which instructs them to bring two pages of typed writing to show me the following week.If you’re a teen who loves to read, you have the foundation for being an excellent writer.One of the best ways to develop your craft is to join — or start — a writing group.And lists could be adapted to meet a variety of needs. Make a list of everything that happens in your story. Make a list of all the doorway moments in your story. What happens when your character goes through a doorway and/or portal in your story? Make a list of all the questions and things you don’t know about your story. I take home their writing and make comments, then I meet with the young writers individually. Think about all the doorways your characters go through in the story. This way, I’m getting a chance to see their work on a larger scale and they get a chance to meet with me on on one. Writing is a solitary activity, so building a community is a wonderful way to connect and collaborate.I love the inspiration that I get from my writing group and from working with teenage writers through the mentoring organization Girls Write Now.Man, I wish there had been a creative writing club when I was in high school.I mean, I took the creative writing class in my grade 11 year, and AP English in my grad year, but if there was a creative writing club I would have been part of that too because I’m that much of a writing geek.You can then share these with the group for more feedback.These are just some ideas to get you started; in fact, there are endless possibilities for creative writing prompts and for how you structure your group.


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