Creative Writing Ideas For Kids

(Or see the 187 drawings I drew during the last school year) Some of these drawings are bound to make you ask -- what is going in this picture??

Also, here's a page of my favorite drawings I've done in schools.

As most adults know, the actual writing typically is only about 10 percent of crating a written project (we’re also loving the new story prompts Write Shop just made! Once Monkey filled in her robot stories, we used the content to flesh out her stories following the structure in the Write Shop curriculum.

I had her use the “Story Builder’s Word Bank” to look for stronger words to replace weak words in her sloppy copy.

We used Junior Level E in the fall, and this semester, we’re using Write Shop Level I.

Before using Write Shop, my daughter was a reluctant writer.

I solved this issue in our house by making these silly robot story starters that make it easy to figure out what to write.

These writing prompts aren’t meant to be graded or stressed over, but help children figure out how to get started writing without any pressure over spelling mistakes, grammar, or punctuation.

My daughter had a blast with these fun robot-themed creative writing prompts. One of my favorite aspects about Write Shop is how they encourage kids to learn to write on their own from start to finish.

Creative writing is the first step, but it is only PART of the writing process!


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