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The writing sample should speak to the student's intended project.

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An introduction to playwriting through a combination of reading assignments, writing exercises, discussions about craft and ultimately the creation of a complete one-act play.

Students will work to discover and develop their own unique voices as they learn the technical aspects of the craft of playwriting.

Students who have completed at least four courses in the creative writing concentration and six major courses by the end of their junior year and have a grade point average in the major of 3.5 or higher (and a college GPA of 3.0 or higher) are eligible to apply for Honors in Creative Writing.

Applicants will be notified of their status by the end of fall classes.

This course is for students who wish to experiment with three genres of creative writing: short fiction, poetry and drama, and techniques specific to each of them.

Priority will be given to interested first- and second-year students; additional spaces will be made available to upper-year students with little or no experience in creative writing.For information about courses offered by other Bryn Mawr departments and programs or about courses offered by Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges, please consult the Course Guides page.For information about the Academic Calendar, including the dates of first and second quarter courses, please visit the College's calendars page.Do not send any other materials or correspondence to this email address yourself. We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to receiving your application.Electronic transcripts e-mailed to any other address will not be downloaded, resulting in a delay of your file review. Using the information-gathering tools of a journalist, the analytical tools of an essayist and the technical tools of a prose writer, students will study contemporary and historical radio and podcasts in the interest of creating their own pieces.The central focus of the course will be weekly visits from current radio writers, producers and on-air personalities, including local and national NPR producers, commentators and reporters.Students will write or revise work every week; roughly four weeks each will be devoted to short fiction, poetry, and drama.There will be individual conferences with the instructor to discuss their progress and interests.Through diverse readings, students will examine craft strategies at work in both formal and free verse poems, such as diction, metaphor, imagery, lineation, metrical patterns, irony, and syntax.The course will cover shaping forms (such as elegy and pastoral) as well as given forms, such as the sonnet, ghazal, villanelle, etc.


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