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For students pursuing a Creative Writing Minor, CRWRI-UA.9815 will be counted toward the Minor requirements either as an equivalent to CRWRI-UA.815 or as an elective.The Creative Writing Program offers 8-credit summer intensives in Florence and Paris: Writers in Florence (CRWRI-UA.9828/9829; 8 credits) Writers in Paris (CRWRI-UA.9818/9819; 8 credits) These programs each fulfill 8 of the 16 credits required for the Creative Writing Minor.Class time and specific writing assignments will be supplemented by cultural field trips exploring the literary history of Paris.

The courses will examine the ways in which the writing process and cross-cultural experiences are parallel endeavors that can serve to inform and answer each other.

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IAU is pleased to announce the implementation of a Creative Writing Track for summer and semester students.

Become involved in the cultural, natural, linguistic, and architectural features of Aix-en-Provence and the Mediterranean Basin!

Students are encouraged to work closely with the teachers, as mentors, in one on one sessions, in addition to class.

The teachers can aid students in forming writing projects—fiction, non-fiction, travel, poetry in all forms—and work along with them to solve programs and develop a strong sense of craft.

Literary inspiration abounds when you study abroad…and our programs will inspire and challenge you to elevate your writing and literary skills to the next level.

Whether you approach literature and writing as a future career or as a creative outlet, our courses help you explore your voice and hone your craft.

The goal for writing majors is the completion of a manuscript of poetry or short prose, and/or a significant segment a longer prose work.

Each week, students will submit new writing for open, non-judgmental critique and discuss in a small workshop setting the ideas and feelings they possess about writing and how it relates to their lives.


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