Creative Writing Terms

To do this, set a timer for 5 minutes and just write.

Now, select an image that really speaks to you and use it to tell your story. Using the dictionary for prompts: Sometimes using something as simple as the dictionary or a thesaurus will introduce you to new words that might inspire the direction of your writing.

Write about what you see, what it makes you feel, what conversations you think the people in the photo might be having. Try opening the dictionary and selecting a few words at random.

Instead of only providing information, or provoking the audience to carry out some sort of beneficial action, creative writing exists to entertain or educate readers, to increase awareness about someone or something, and to express thoughts and emotions.

Creative writing can be broken into two categories: Good and bad, or effective and ineffective.

Creative writing allows you to explore the inner depths of your mind, to let your emotions and your imagination run wild.

There really are no limitations when it comes to what you can and cannot turn into a creative written work.You might find that in exploring old photographs, you uncover a story that you previously might not have thought of.Take a look at magazines, newspapers, old family photo albums.Go back and re-read a few of your old works and see if you can’t finish the original story or add to it in some way.If that doesn’t work, try reading a story you were never able to finish and selecting a line or paragraph at random. This is why it is important to save all of your old writing assignments and stories, you never know when they might inspire you.Here are a few things you can do to improve your creative writing skills right now.Freewrite: Freewriting forces you to take all of the words and messed up phrases that are floating around in your head and put them to paper.However, writer’s block is very real and most, if not all, writers will experience it at one point or another.Luckily, brainstorming ideas for a great short story or creative writing assignment doesn’t have to be painful.Take for example, the whimsical and innocent stories you wrote in grade school, when you still believed in all of the good and magic in the world.How neat would it be to call upon one of those stories and use it as the foundation for a new and better story?


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