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It helps us to gain distance from the things that cause us distress.From keeping a daily diary to embarking upon a memoir - from flash fiction to a full-length novel – all forms of writing can help us to shape narrative from chaos.Because of the positive effects on the immune system, there is a general sense of well being and less likelihood of psychosomatic complaints.

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Of course it’s not quite as simple as that – but almost.

Writing is a tried and tested method for coping with and understanding personal crises, depression, anxieties, stress and traumatic events.

Putting problems down on paper is far more effective than brooding over them.

The incident must be recalled vividly, expressing one’s pain, anger or sadness.

Working through these negative emotions will diffuse the stranglehold of that incident and offer the freedom to move on.

When we can’t think straight it is hard to find relief from our suffering. Through writing we can find the ‘story’ within our ‘situation’ and take more control of that story.

This reduced her anxiety and fear of where her next meal would come from. Psychologists have recognized the benefits of writing as a form of therapy for psychoneurotic illnesses which follow traumatic events such as bereavement, loss of job, divorce and other stressful situations. He tested the effects of writing by specific markers like antibody levels, T-lymphocytes, enzyme levels, behavioural studies and muscular activities.

Blood tests were done before and after the assignments.

The 30-year war in Europe was followed by severe depression, and then by the great Plague.

A German pastor Marin Rinkhert buried 8000 people from his congregation including his wife and son. Instead, he poured out his pain into a beautiful paean of praise to God. A German shepherdess Joanna Ambrosias when laid low by poverty, poured out her heart’s distress into touching poems. Stevenson and Katherine Mansfield when suffering from ill health, isolation and unhappiness, wrote their best literary works. Pennebaker was the first to advocate writing as “” He conducted tests on college students, by making them write about any traumatic experience or life-changing incident for fifteen minutes every day for four consecutive days.


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