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This private group for food producers is a place to ask questions, share information, and talk with other small food business owners. July 7, 2011I promise not to subject you to more vacation photos but I did want to share the photo at the side.You may choose a French name or just a simple American name.Establishing your brand is another important part of marketing. It requires a lot of planning, market study, creativity to innovate, and will to succeed. Then go look for entrepreneurship associations or Chambers of Commerce that can help you adjust your business plan, challenge your ideas to take you into the right direction and, once it's ready, go look for financing possibilities, partnerships, etc. My suggestion is: firstly, put your ideas on paper by writing a good business plan.Unless you plan to do all the work on your own, you will need to hire (and maybe fire) staff.Payrolls and compliance with labor laws come into play if you have employees.Sanitation, kitchen layout and management, and purchasing know-how are all part of running a successful restaurant.Don’t forget business permits, taxes, and other legal stuff.You could be known more for the atmosphere—a comfortable, cozy place where you can take your time over conversation and crêpes.After you decide on your brand, think of a concise way of saying it. How can you describe your crêperie in an elevator moment? Business skills Any restaurant requires a host of business and management skills, and a crêperie is no exception.


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