Critical Approaches Literature Essay

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Archetype: something that represents the essential elements of its category or class of things; the word is Greek for “original pattern” from which all copies are made, a prototype. Practitioners of cultural criticism view a text in relation to the dominant or competing ideologies (belief systems) of the time and place in which the text was written.

Works are therefore considered in light of their historical and cultural contexts.

Additional Resources include a Glossary of Frequent Terms, Timeline, About the Editor, About the Contributors, General Bibliography and Subject index.

Works and authors analyzed in This new series provides literature students with the tools necessary to study each approach to literary criticism using a unique combination of critical contexts and analysis of several works.

Works covered include short fiction, poetry, drama, and film.

Works span across historical periods to demonstrate the breadth of this approach to literary critical analysis.With thought-provoking analysis of several works in a wide variety of genres, each volume helps readers develop tools to analyze literary works using a particular critical lens.January 2018 Critical Approaches to Literature: Feminist This book, the fourth in the Critical Approaches to Literature series, deals with one of the most important theoretical approaches of modern times: feminism.Critical Reception surveys major pieces of criticism that mark the evolution of this school of literary criticism and identifies major critics.Critical Lens represents a close reading of a work using the specific critical lens.For example, Joseph Conrad’s Feminist Criticism is literary criticism based on feminist theories.It considers texts with the knowledge that societies treat men and women inequitably.Every effort has been made to include as many different kinds of cultures and subcultures as possible.April 2017 Critical Approaches to Literature: Moral Salem Press’ Critical Approaches to Literature series is designed to provide students and researchers with fresh insight into the various critical approaches to literary criticism.The volume also explores cultural differences involving such matters as physical disability, sexual orientation, particular social roles, distinct stages of life, and specific kinds of language usage.The book also ranges widely over various kinds of art, including poetry, short stories, novels, drama, nonfiction, and film.


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