Critical Systems Thinking And Practice

Critical Systems Thinking And Practice-54
It also made me acutely aware of the diversity of explanations and approaches to systems thinking.

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At that time, I was exploring many of the adjacent fields to my actual area of study — sustainable design.

This could otherwise be called procrastination, but I like to call it productive distraction.

But here’s the thing: problems never exist in isolation, they are always surrounded by other problems.

The more you can comprehend the granulation and context of a problem, the greater your chances are of finding a truly effective solution that is within your capacity to enact.

Ever.) and reading Peter Senge, Donella Meadows, and anyone else who had written on the topic in the last 25 years (quick side note, biologist von Bertalanffy, is credited as coming up with general systems theory, however did not uncover his work much later on).

All this cemented the realization that everything was interconnected and that in order to leverage creativity while working in sustainability — actually, in order to do just about anything — one needs to know how to see, identify, and think in systems.I advanced my life cycle thinking activities, as well as added X-maps into the mix, and now we have a suite of tools at Un School Online that thousands of people around the world use to help them learn to love a problem, see the relationships before trying to solve said problem, and identify the areas where they can intervene within their agency and resources.For me though, the most powerful thing is the moment when your brain just starts to see systems rather than the obvious things that we are trained to see.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.Taking a systems approach allows for a dynamic and intimate understanding of the elements and agents at play within the problem arena, enabling anyone to identify opportunities for intervention.These tools are critical to overcoming the reductive mindset we were all taught in school — a mindset that teaches us to break the world down into individual and manageable parts, rather than see the complex, interconnected whole.I first encountered systems thinking as a practice around 8 years ago just as I started my Ph D, and it completely blew my mind.I was going a bit mad at the time, as researching a Ph D tends to result in some strange deep dives into all sorts of tangential aspects of your professional practice.I then realized just how mechanistic my own thinking was, and in turn how this dominate worldview, that the world operates like a well-oiled machine, was supporting many of the reductive and damaging practices that sustainability was trying to resolve.I remember spending one particular weekend locked in my apartment, watching every single documentary I could find about fractals, self-similarity, and the science of interconnectedness and basically nerding out on the relationships between everything.


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