Critical Thinking For Kids

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Ask Your Child”Why”Remember how your kids drove you crazy when they went through the “why’ stage? In the end they may even come out with a deeper understanding on the battles fought in WWII and the reason behind them.

These necessary problem solving skills also help to develop self confidence. According to Marlana Martinelli at We Are, asking ‘why five times helps kids build critical thinking skills to solve problems When your child presents you with a problem, such as needing a new video game, ask them why.

You don’t need to hire a private instructor to help your child develop these essential soft skills. They might say because it’s popular and everyone has it. The third ‘why’ will make them dig deeper into the reason it’s based on WWII.

Unfortunately, kids who lack critical thinking problem solving skills face a higher risk of behavior and economical problems as adults.

Our modern society tends to squash essential critical thinking skills with mind-numbing television shows, video games and self-explanatory simple directions.


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