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Critical thinking has been the subject of much debate and thought since the time of early Greek philosophers such as Plato and Socrates and has continued to be a subject of discussion into the modern age, for example the ability to recognise fake news.

Critical thinking might be described as the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking.

One of the most important aspects of critical thinking is to decide what you are aiming to achieve and then make a decision based on a range of possibilities.

Once you have clarified that aim for yourself you should use it as the starting point in all future situations requiring thought and, possibly, further decision making.Once you understand the theory of critical thinking, improving your critical thinking skills takes persistence and practice.Try this simple exercise to help you to start thinking critically.Critical thinkers rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them at face value.They will always seek to determine whether the ideas, arguments and findings represent the entire picture and are open to finding that they do not.A major contribution to ensuring we think critically is to be aware of these personal characteristics, preferences and biases and make allowance for them when considering possible next steps, whether they are at the pre-action consideration stage or as part of a rethink caused by unexpected or unforeseen impediments to continued progress.The more clearly we are aware of ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, the more likely our critical thinking will be productive.However, our decision making will be infinitely better and more likely to lead to success if, when we reach a tentative conclusion, we pause and consider the impact on the people and activities around us.The elements needing consideration are generally numerous and varied.Perhaps the most important element of thinking critically is foresight.Almost all decisions we make and implement don’t prove disastrous if we find reasons to abandon them.


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